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The Blitz Room – what is it?

Blitz Room – Next Level Escape roomAt Next Level Escape, we are all about innovation. Like many before us, we’ve found problems that are yet to be solved, and we’ve put our heads together to find a solution.

There were two big problems we had with escape rooms: 1) when we found a company we loved, we’d have to wait far too long until they brought out a new room; 2) we often didn’t have 90 minutes to spare for our dose of fun.

So what were a couple of escape room addicts to do? Solution: the Blitz Room!

Blitz means ‘lightning’ in German, and everything about this room is fast:

  • Players have only 15 minutes to whip through as many puzzles as they can (perfect for your coffee break at work, and we’re so central that you’ll be back before your manager even realises you were gone!)
  • The room’s puzzles and theme only stick around for a matter of weeks before changing
  • It might be only a few hours before another team knocks you off the top of the leaderboard!

The Blitz Room retains the puzzle-solving feel of traditional escape rooms while shifting the focus away from escape towards maximising point scoring. This means that prioritising which clues you tackle is vital, since we guarantee that you won’t be able to get through everything…

If you’re an escape-room fanatic who has trouble wrangling your friends, more good news: the Blitz Room can be done solo. We still think you’ll have more fun (and more success!) with a friend or two, but you solo puzzlers will still have a good time on your own 🙂

To the best of our knowledge, the Blitz Room is the first of its type in Australia, and possibly even the world. If you know otherwise, we’d love to hear! At Next Level Escape we strongly believe that innovation is key to keeping the escape room industry humming; the Blitz Room is our first step on that path.

Attention fantasy lovers: our first Blitz Room theme is Game of Thrones! The room will be opening in mid-August, so no time to wait – go and book your session now!

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