Meet the team – Daniel

Next Level Escape was founded by Daniel Thomason and Aaron Hooper, an unstoppable duo with a passion for puzzles and too much nervous energy to remain in their jobs as economists. Allow us to introduce them – first up, Daniel!

Daniel Thomason – the truth behind the hype

Daniel – Next Level Escape

Many have asked: Is it true that when Daniel was born there was a shower of shooting stars? That his hair is insured for over $1 million dollars? That in his spare time he chews wood pulp and uses it to construct dams?

Alas, the answers to these questions are: no; far from being worth insuring, there are actually several restraining orders out against it; and you’re thinking of beavers. In that case, then, what is the truth behind this enigmatic Next Level Escape cofounder?

Daniel has been a storyteller and riddle fanatic since childhood – one of his earliest memories is of planning treasure hunts for siblings and friends. As a lad he also dreamed of one day being a great detective, à la the Three Investigators or Sherlock Holmes, but had to abandon this potential career path after the scandal surrounding the Case of the Missing Donut.

Like Rumpelstiltskin, Daniel’s talent is spinning straw into gold – taking the mundane and turning it into something wonderful. Whether it’s staging imaginary battles between kitchen implements and his cats, narrating his journey to work as though he were competing in an Olympic event, or writing bizarre blog posts about himself, Daniel seems to celebrate rather than bemoan his seemingly tenuous grip on reality.

In the Next Level Escape team, Daniel is responsible for spreading the word. He created the website you see before you, put together the Facebook/TripAdvisor/Yelp pages, and since NLE started has told everyone he sees (including bank tellers, mailmen, and construction workers) about the wonders of escape rooms and why they should book in a visit.

When he’s not charging around Sydney promoting Next Level Escape or sitting in his secret laboratory concocting fiendish new puzzles, Daniel spends his time learning German (um besser ein Kosmopolit zu sein!), reading fantasy novels, playing board games (current favourite: Splendor), and running around the soccer field with far more enthusiasm than skill.

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