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The Future Directions Bureau sent their top agent (code name Fox) on a crucial mission in the 21st century to preserve the timeline. However, Agent Fox has now disappeared from the time stream. Enemy action is suspected – it’s up to you to trace his whereabouts and save the future.

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"A terrific translation of a physical room to a videogame format, with a good sense of humor"
"...by far the best implementation of a point-and-click escape game I’ve seen yet"
"If you only have time for one game... this is the game I’d recommend over and over again."
Room Escape Artist
A Temporal Tangle Online did an incredible job in transposing the original game into the virtual space. It feels like you are playing a escape room - the puzzles, the decorated set, even the cameras and the locks are there.
Ana, Lock Me If You Can
Incredibly fun! They've really expertly and lovingly transitioned the room to the virtual space. Looks fantastic, plays intuitively, and brings it together with an engaging narrative.
Bill & Dani, Escape This Podcast
The puzzles made sense, the narrative was great, the direction was clear, all the funny little comments were hilarious (in fact, we took the time to re-click on things and look around at things we knew we probably didn't have to just to see what it might say), we liked the "things you missed" at the end. It was just awesome!
Keziah, Seraphim Escape Rooms Ipswich

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Take your experience to the Next Level (literally!). Not only do you get an Agent ID, it includes a bonus $50 credit towards any of Next Level Escape's physical games (Ex Libris, The Artefact, The Game), valid for 6 months from purchase!

This code can be shared by up to 4 players!

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