Ex Libris


Colour puzzle
No scares

Calling all literary heroes! The world of literature has broken free and has merged with reality… and you, unfortunate soul that you are, have been sucked into one of these portals.

Dive into your favourite books to puzzle your way back to reality. And if you have time, be a knight and take on additional challenges to seal the portals!

With two additional objectives to complete after the main escape, this is a perfect room for all skill levels. New to the world of escape rooms? Aim to escape! More experienced, or with a larger team? Up the challenge and see if you can complete both objectives in time!

We have two copies of this room, so you can race your friends and teammates! Up to 24 players total (with current COVID restrictions). Simply click ‘Book Now’ to view available times for both rooms.

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Pricing (75 minute game)

: $60 per person

( ): $55 per person

( ): $50 per person

: $45 per person