How to use your Discover vouchers

EDIT: The vouchers have now been extended to June 30 2022! If you would like to book for a date after this point, please call or email us as we will need to apply your vouchers when booking.

Next Level Escape accepts Discover vouchers! Each person can only use one of their $25 Discover vouchers per day (you’re eligible for 2 Discover vouchers in total) but we can accept multiple vouchers per group as long as each voucher was issued to a different Service NSW account.

If you’d like to use yours, use one of the following discount codes depending on the number of vouchers you have in your group. We will scan your vouchers and take payment for any outstanding amount on arrival. Note that if your vouchers are not valid (eg. have already been used) we will require payment for any outstanding amount.

  • 1 voucher: discover25
  • 2 vouchers: discover50
  • 3 vouchers: discover75
  • 4 vouchers: discover100
  • 5 vouchers: discover125
  • 6 vouchers: discover 150
  • 7 voucher: discover175
  • 8 vouchers: discover200
  • 9 vouchers: discover225
  • 10 vouchers: discover250
  • 11 vouchers: discover275
  • 12 vouchers: discover300

Come and play, it’s the NSW government’s treat!

Win a PS5!

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