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Our Games

Ex Libris

2-14 (4-8 recommended)

Calling all literary heroes! The world of literature has broken free and has merged with reality… and sucked you in.

Ex Libris (Room 2)

2-14 (4-8 recommended)

Preferred time booked out, or have a large group wanting to compete? This is our second copy of our Ex Libris room that runs at the same times!

The Artefact

2-8 (3-6 recommended)

Your team of investigators has been conscripted by the CIA to investigate an alien artefact they’ve discovered. What could possibly go wrong?

The Game

4-16 (recommended 6-12)

The greatest game of the century is back and you have a chance to compete for fame and fortune! Split your group into two teams, and let The Game begin!

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Why visit Next Level Escape?

A real-life puzzle game

Gather your friends and family to solve fiendish puzzles and test your mental and observational skills. Can you use the items you find, and the environmental clues, to think your way out?

Team building events

Challenge your team's collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills. With the clock ticking, the only way to get out in time is to work together!

Large group activities

Looking for an easy-to-arrange activity for large groups of up to 35 people? Everyone gets the full game experience, and we offer post-game food and drink packages as well!


Even when you escape Ex Libris, you never really leave... The joy of puzzle solving shines through in their execution. [Read full review]
Time Out Sydney
Next Level are a great outfit who really care about providing immersive and well-designed experiences. There are very few rooms in Sydney (or Australia) that will have you laughing out loud – both The Artefact and Ex Libris at Next Level will have you laughing, I guarantee it.
[Read Ex Libris review] / [Read Artefact review]
Scott Monin (Escape Rooms in Sydney blog)
As it is becoming a signature of Next Level, The Artefact mixes tons of puzzles with humor and, especially in this room, heaps of lateral thinking. What impressed me the most was how the game designers managed to create good puzzles out of mundane items and common actions of daily life. [Read full review]
Lock Me If You Can
The Puzzle Design in Ex Libris is of the highest quality... So, do I recommend this room? Do I even need to answer? YES!
Esc Room Addict


Want an adventure that's just for you?

We design and build custom escape rooms, activities, and more! We’ve created pop-up escape rooms for movies, week-long activities for schools, and more.

I can’t thank you enough for your professionalism and the incredible work you put behind the rooms. The fan experience was incredible and the team at Roadshow and Warner/DC were blown away by your work. It really added some unique and special for our fans.

This was uncharted territory for all of us and I think you and your team should be incredibly proud for doing something that’s never been done before on this kind of scale. We would work with you again any day and would be happy to recommend you to any of our partners in need of similar activations.

-Tom Munro, Senior Event Coordinator for Reedpop Australia (OzComicCon, PAX Australia)

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