The Artefact


Colour puzzle
No scares
Fluency in English highly recommended

Your team of investigators has been conscripted by the CIA to investigate an alien artefact they’ve discovered. Sure, the artefact is doing strange things, but you’ll have a non-malevolent, smart-ass AI to help you out. What could possibly go wrong?

This room is recommended for 3-5 players, or very experienced groups of 2. Please note that the room contains flashing lights and smoke effects.

CONTENT WARNING: This game uses the standard sci-fi trope of a decontamination room, which utilises smoke effects. If you are uncomfortable with this please let our staff know, and we can disable the smoke effects.

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Pricing (75 minute game)

: $60 per person

( ): $55 per person

( ): $50 per person

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