Forest of Echoes (16+ ONLY)

2-8 (4-6 recommended)

16+ ONLY
Multilinear (many puzzle streams at once)
Colour puzzle
No scares

Note: This is a narrative-heavy experience with no in-game timer!

All right, scouts! Are you ready for your big adventure in the woods? Don’t mind the rumours about the forest being haunted by spirits, we’re pretty sure it’s all nonsense and poor old Sam will find their way back one day soon. After all, time can pass very quickly in there; morning to noon to evening to night and before you realise, it’s morning again! Stay safe in the woods, scouts – it’s everyone’s responsibility!

This escape room game is for SIXTEEN YEAR OLDS AND ABOVE ONLY. It is NOT APPROPRIATE FOR CHILDREN’S PARTIES (we recommend Ex Libris). There are light sexual and drug references, and delicate items in the room.

Voices by: Aileen Baynes, Dani Siller, Bill Sunderland, Patrick Sunderland, Alex Williams, Matt Yule, Pim Tharnassakorn, Rae Loverde, Brodie Fairall (music composer), Simon Arthur, Aaron Hooper, Leanne Yong

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Pricing (90 minute game)

: $70 per person

( ): $60 per person

( ): $55 per person

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