End of the Road


Low scares
Coarse language

You’re the new recruits the guys plucked from the city, to accompany the transport containing a cure for the zombie outbreak, right?


Well, it’s fine if you’re not competent. Your one job is to guard the ingredients and the cure synthesiser with your life like the cannon fodder… uh, brave survivors, that you are! It should be an easy first mission, all you need to do is hop into the transport and ensure everything gets to the outpost. You’ll probably be in the 0.05% of rookies who return. Just don’t get infected along the way, and you should be just fine*.
*The team makes zero promises about this.

Join us on an absurdist horror romp through a post-apocalyptic world. Why not laugh in the face of infectious spores, and zombies who want to eat your face? This is also a great introduction to escape rooms for new players, as a linear game with a focus on more traditional puzzles.

This game was created in collaboration with Brodie Fairall and with assistance from Logan Skiles. Voices by Brodie Fairall, Simon Arthur, Bill Sunderland, Leanne Yong, Aaron Hooper.

Pricing (75 minute game)

: $60 per person

( ): $55 per person

( ): $50 per person

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